DEKRA Process Safety

The Importance of Process Safety Data

The Importance of Process Safety Data
by Stephen Rowe, Ph.D.

In a live workplace, processes don’t always go as planned. Without the right information in the right hands, the results could be disastrous.

This white paper discusses the importance of process safety data for the prevention of catastrophic incidents. Excellence in process safety performance requires an integrated approach to addressing programs, culture, and competency. One important aspect of competency is having a wealth of the right information available, and accessible, to support and underpin the overarching safety management system. When the right data is at your fingertips, your decisions are informed, effective, and, most importantly, lifesaving.

Download the article to explore key considerations around process safety data, including:

  • The range of properties that pose process safety risks
  • The role of the Basis of Safety in a PSM system
  • The critical elements of strategic hazard and risk assessment