DEKRA Process Safety

Vent Sizing Package 2 VSP2

Adiabatic Calorimetry

The assessment of runaway reactions and thermal decompositions is a critical part of the safe operation of a chemical process or drying operation. Obtaining laboratory data that can be directly scaled-up to the production size of most plant operations requires that both the heat losses and thermal inertia (phi factor) of the plant be replicated. Adiabatic calorimetry is designed to provide data that can be used for consequence assessment, emergency relief system design (using DIERS methods), and accurate thermal stability assessment.

This article explores the role of chemical reactivity data in process safety management. We cover:

  • When adiabatic calorimetry is required
  • What the data is used for
  • The available methods of adiabatic calorimetry, including ARC, ADC II, and VSP II
  • How we meet your specific needs