DEKRA Process Safety

Loss of Contaiment PSM Failures

Loss-of-Containment, A Basic Cause of Process Safety Incidents

by David E. Kaelin, Senior Process Safety Specialist

Loss-of-containment incidents are a common threat underlying operations across the chemical process industry. Despite this, there is surprisingly little understanding among leaders of the risks these threats pose and what can be done to prevent them.

Download this article by Senior Process Safety Specialist David Kaelin and explore prominent incidents that could have been prevented had organizational leaders been better informed about the risks in their operations. Investigation and review of learnings from near miss and injury/loss incidents help ensure that we learn from past mistakes and aren’t just doomed to repeat them. Learn:

  • Process safety incident triggers
  • The role Layers of Protection Analysis plays in the defense against incident
  • ; Lessons learned from past events
  • Overflow safeguards for the storage of highly hazardous materials