DEKRA Process Safety

assessing exothermic reaction hazards

Exothermic chemical reactions lead to explosions and flammable or toxic releases. The key to reaction control and incident prevention is an understanding of the thermo-chemistry, obtained from laboratory tests.

A comprehensive range of instruments is available to identify and characterize reactions and to enable emergency relief systems to be designed according to the DIERS methodology.

10g Screening Tool (Carius Tube)

An instrument for thermal stability screening to search for exothermic activity and gas generation.

Adiabatic Pressure Dewar Calorimetric ADC II

A large scale calorimeter with an ultra low phi factor which permits direct simulation of plant runaway conditions in the laboratory. Pressure and temperature data collected enable the specification of plant protection measures and the design of emergency relief systems.

Options include:

  • Protective containment pod
  • Tempering cell for detailed vent design work

Automated Gas Burette

For the measurement of gas generation rate and quantity from chemical processes.