DEKRA Process Safety

  • We are DEKRA Process Safety

    As globally recognized trusted advisor, DEKRA Process Safety represents the collective expertise of our legacy Chilworth businesses – built on a merging of minds, uniting experts in our fields and leaders in process safety

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  • Opening of Chemical Reaction Hazard Lab in Shanghai

    We continuously expand our global testing facilities across three continents.

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  • Process Safety in the Semiconductor Industry

    Our experts help you to evaluate all credible hazards to ensure safe operations in the fast-evolving semiconductor sector.

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  • Emergency Pressure Relief Systems

    Our team of specialists perform emergency pressure relief vent sizing studies and can design or offer advice on every aspect of these systems that are a crucial line of defense for process industries.

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  • Process Safety Competence Development

    We know that classroom training alone does not lead to process safety competence. That's why we provide you with competence development programs delivered by highly experienced practitioners and tailored to your specific needs.

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  • Process Safety Academy


    We surveyed more than 700 safety engineers and managers globally to gain insight into the state of process safety competency.

    Download our infographic with survey results spanning top multinationals from around the globe.

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  • Laboratory Testing

    Good safety practice demands a thorough understanding of the physical and chemical properties in every process. But how do you know you’re getting the right information to avoid incidents? Let our process safety experts provide the testing and guidance you need to achieve excellence.

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  • Process Safety Management

    Our comprehensive PSM services include program development, needs assessments and gap analysis; safety audits; Process Hazard Analysis, LOPA, Mechanical Integrity, Incident investigation, PSM training, and more.

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  • Process Safety Consulting
    Process Safety Consulting

    Our comprehensive PSE services include on-site and desktop fire and explosion hazard assessments; process design & safety engineering support; expert witness testimony and litigation support; fire and flammability testing, and more.

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Laboratory Testing

lab testing

We operate one of DEKRA's world premier chemical process hazards laboratories. Process safety testing is used to develop the data on which fire and explosion hazard assessments and incident investigations should be based.

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Process Safety Management


We assist our clients in meeting their Process Safety Management (PSM) challenges with a clear understanding of the requirements of sound PSM program design and implementation, as well as global coverage and support to comply with local requirements.

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Process Safety Academy


The DEKRA Process Safety Academy can help you embed Process Safety Excellence in your organization at all levels through our open and in-company programs, tailored to your specific needs and designed to embed the learning, and raise internal proficiency, in your staff.

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